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What Happened Last Year.

Vina describes her experience with mandate-related peer pressure, university stonewalling, and minority stigma while at TorontoMet U (formerly RyersonU).

Henry discusses his experience with his university’s (University of Toronto) lack of clarity, false assurances, and his decision to not disclose his v*x status partially due to his childhood fight with cancer.

Beth reveals WesternU’s ignorance on student issues such as post-mandate reconciliation, online accommodation, and student financial burden.

Part 1 of Kayla’s Story relates her COVID-19 vaccine injury experience after receiving 2 doses to continue attending TorontoMet U (formerly RyersonU).

Part 2 of Kayla’s Story expands on her school-mandate-related vaccine injury, addressing topics of financial burden, mental health, loneliness, and career uncertainty.

Tiffany discusses her experience with ovarian cancer, her inability to access a va**ine exemption from University of Waterloo, her dive into legal documentation, and her struggle with mental health and interpersonal relationships due to social polarization.

Justin discusses his va**ine injury after complying with Osgoode’s mandate, their lack of support during his treatment, his successful lawsuit against them, and his encouragement to anyone in a similar situation.

Sarah discusses her experience with the University of Toronto administration’s denial of two exemptions granted to her by medical professionals, contrasted to the silent support received from her peers/faculty.

Alexander discusses his experience with University of Toronto’s refusal to accommodate mutually agreeable arrangements between him and his professors, his academic aspirations, and his hope in academia’s future.

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